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Investors are betting on Medvedev and the " dark horse»

Investors are betting on Medvedev and the " dark horse»

On may 7, Russian President-elect Vladimir Putin will be inaugurated, after which the country's government will resign according to the norms of current legislation. New cabinet the list will be formed over the next two weeks.

In April-early may, the news Agency Finam.ru a survey of site users was conducted www.finam.r u as to who they think will become the new Prime Minister. Respondents with an interest in investment and Finance, they were offered a list of six potential candidates for this position, which were actively discussed in the media, and they could also choose the answer option "Other candidate".

As of 16.00 Moscow time on may 4, about 700 people took part in the voting. At the moment, the current Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev is in the lead with 30.36 points% the " other candidate "is in second place with approximately the same result (28.47%), which indicates that respondents are equally likely to expect Vladimir Putin to take a conservative approach to forming a government, as well as to take steps that are completely unexpected from the point of view of the General public.

Third place in the rating of candidates for the post of Prime Minister in the poll Finam.ru Alexey Kudrin, head of the center for strategic studies (13.43%), Elvira Nabiullina, Chairman of the Bank of Russia (12.55%), and Sergei Sobyanin, mayor of Moscow (9.05%) are in fourth place. Respondents consider the head of the Administration to be the least likely to see the Prime Minister in the chair President Anton Vaino and head of the Ministry of industry and trade Denis Manturov (3.94% and 2.19% respectively).

As for the impact of the new appointments on financial markets, analysts of FINAM group note that the business community and society as a whole are now in demand for a new concept of economic development. Such a concept can be it is presented through both specific personnel appointments and the unveiling of new concepts and programs. And here, not only the new Prime Minister's personality is important, but also the personal composition of the government as a whole. Equally important is the structure of the new Cabinet, as well as the public disclosure of plans by its key figures. If there will be no new landmark appointments or changes in the government structure, no new ideas and programs, and we can expect disappointed investors and sell-offs on the stock market. If the changes are really significant and aimed at solving structural problems in the economy, the stock market may begin to cycle heights.

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